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Images of alchemical apparatus from Syria

Illustrations of chemical apparatus from a medieval Syrian manuscript studied by the French chemist M. Berthelot. These sketchy drawings are easily recognisable as similar to European alchemical equipment.

Alembic with receiving flask.

Digestion apparatus with an
upper flask inverted upon a lower.

Long necked digestion flask set in a
cylindrical furnace probably filled with hot ashes.

Digestion apparatus with condensing flask
above, probably for fractional distillation

Apparatus for sublimation
set on a rectangular furnace.

Kerotakis, in which a substance is
heated on a plate within the vessel.

Simple retort.
Alchemical imagery

Graphic signs for
substances and processes

Images of alchemical apparatus, from Greek, Arabic and European sources.
Alchemical emblematic
imagery from books and

Paintings on alchemical themes

Other material:
Enochian, Rosicrucian or Elemental Chess
Alchemical music [from Atalanta fugiens