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Portae Lucis Method of Jean Dubuis

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Portae Lucis Method of Jean Dubuis

as presented at the 6th Annual Philosophers of Nature Conference, Colorado Springs, Co. 20 July 1997

Summary by Mark Stavish, M.A., Director of Research, ORA Project for The Stone


Over the past several years, Jean Dubuis, founder of LPN and author of its lessons, has been developing a new technique of initiation. Since this method, known as Portae Lucis (Portal of Light), has been a powerful, yet evolving process, some of PON’s members are unclear about the particulars of how to prepare themselves for accessing those interior states Portae Lucis promises.

The purpose of this article is to clear-up some of the confusion some members have regarding Portae Lucis, as well as present the most recent version of the technique in clear and precise terms.

Theoretical Overview

The description of Portae Lucis involves three key components: astrological timing, passivity on the part of the aspirant, and the use of psychically loaded, or charged, talismans to assist in filling our energetic requirements for the experiment.

The fourth, or final component, is one which we can have no control over - Divine Grace, or a Cosmic response to our inner desire, preparations, and readiness to experience a "Contact with Eternity".

This "Contact with Eternity" takes place on the level of Saturn, and makes us aware of our place in creation, and relationship to all things. It is a difficult state to bear, and as Saturn is the planet of melancholy and despair, it can bring a profound state of sadness, depression, and even suicidal tendencies for those who make the contact.

However, along with it, will come an influx of energy that awakens our Heart Center, or gives us an initiation at Tiphareth. Here, our relationship to our Inner Master is realized, or what is often called, "Conversation with our Holy Guardian Angel". After a period of time, this develops into a relationship by which we can dialogue with our Inner Master, but only after a long probation of silence and listening to what it has to say to us for our evolution.

Thirdly, our mental faculties of the brain and nervous system, via Yesod, are charged, and we can bring this Experience of Eternity, and Knowledge of the Interior Master, to the material realm, or Malkooth.

Physical Preparations

To assist in increasing our chances of success in "Contacting Eternity", we need to increase our energy levels and reserves, as such high contacts can be physically and psychically draining. For this, we need to acquire several sets of ‘products’ or objects to be loaded (i.e. charged) with the appropriate psychic influence for each of the three levels - Saturn, Sun, and Luna.

Each level has four product, one for each of the four Elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, for that particular level. Thus, we have a container that holds a charge for each specific quality of energy presented, and they are progressively charged and released for the execution of the experiment.

Once the products are used in the experiment, their energy is discharged and they need to be recharged before being used again. Since there are several periods of optimum opportunity for a successful contact, it is suggested that we have three sets of charged products for each level.

Additional Effects of the Technique

In addition to the awakening of the three central sepheroth(or psychic centers)of the Tree of Life, the side ‘spheres’, or levels as Jean calls them, are also effected to some degree. These awakening take place according to the planetary order of the week: Mars on Tuesday, Mercury on Wednesday, Jupiter on Thursday, and Venus on Friday, just as the previous levels were awakened in descending order starting on Saturday, then Sunday, and completing the initiations on Monday.

Here again, energy, knowledge, and love, can be contacted on a higher level, via the new awakenings.

The Technique of Portae Lucis

The technique described by Jean involves a fairly advanced level of astrology and its relationship to magic and alchemy. However, for the sake of simplicity and easier availability, the use of planetary genius’ can be substituted. However, information on both methods of timing will be explained, allowing members to chose the methods best for themselves.

In addition to astrology and/or planetary genius’, the technique involves the use of A) classical Renaissance talismanic magic; B) a modified version of the Tree of Life C) a passive approach on the part of the experimenter, as opposed to a more active and involved system of mechanics. It is this extreme passivity that appears to be a problem for many who have been exposed to the Portae Lucis technique for the first time.

Unlike Qabalistic or Enochian magic, where energies are imagined and directed, here, the products to be charged are simply exposed to the planetary power during an astrologically favorable time, or simply unwrapped during the correct planetary hour, and allowed to absorb the energies in an a gentle and natural fashion. It is no more complicated than dropping a sponge in a basin of water and allowing it to slowly absorb the water to its fullest capacity on its own. The same products are then exposed several times to insure maximum harmonious charging, and are stored in silk, plastic, or other non-conductive materials so that they maintain their psychic charge.

Once charged, they can be seen and touched only by their owner or they will lose some or all of their energy. The only exception to this is married heterosexual couples working together on the technique. In this instance, both partners must be present for the charging of the products a majority of the time.

The modified version of the Tree of Life being used for this method involves the positioning of Saturn where Daath is located on the Tree, and placing Hockmah and Kether directly above it. These latter spheres are seen as aspects of Eternity, or Unity, however, for it to be digestible to our human minds, we perceive Unity has having three aspects: Eternity or Timelessness (Binah/Saturn), Spacelessness (Hockmah/Zodiac), and The Black Point of pure being (Kether).

Some people will experience the Black Point phase before they experience Eternity.

Creation of Matter and Consciousness

According to Qabalistic and Alchemical theory, matter is created by the increasing density of human consciousness during the so-called "fall" so that we can obtain experiences of individuality. This individuality allows us to obtain experiences and knowledge. It is this knowledge that allows our human seed in potential to grow and return to Unity as a human in fullness of wisdom, knowledge, and love. We go from conscious being in potential to conscious being in manifestation.

The "Fall" is our conscious descent from Unity into the Creation of Duality and matter. The "Return" is our conscious re-ascent through matter and expansion of consciousness, as an act of free will on our part.

The higher realms are cut-off from us, and we can then only contact them through dreams, initiation, or the creation of archetypes.

The first matter that we create is the Mineral realm, or our Mineral Tree as it is called in Portae Lucis. Here our consciousness descends and increases in density, thus limiting is expression, through the mineral world. Once it reaches maximum density, it returns up the mineral tree, increasing in consciousness and decreasing in density of matter. This same process is repeated for each of the three additional Trees - Water, Air, and Fire.

It is at the Fire Tree that human consciousness is attained, as we know it, and the beginning of the Path of Return begins. Thus, only Fire Element can allow us to expand in consciousness as human beings.

However, the three other Elements are used, so that we may correct any energetic corruption’s that might exist in those Trees within us. To take maximum advantage of our Fire Tree, our Earth, Water, and Air Trees must be in order.

To maintain or achieve these energetic conditions, we use a talisman for each of the four Trees on each of the three levels.

These talismans consist of the following elements:


Mineral - Diamond or graphite
Water - dry herb/tea or tincture of horsetail
Air - Sea Salt
Fire - Rain Water


Mineral - Native gold or sulfur
Water - tincture or dry herb/tea of Eyebright or Celandine (the Lesser)
Air - Sea Salt
Fire - Rain Water


Mineral - Native Silver
Water - tincture or dry herb/tea of Veronica
Air - Sea Salt
Fire - Rain Water

The rain water can be collected in a glass or plastic container and filtered prior to use. It should however, never come in contact with any metal or it will lose its charge. The native metals are metals that have not be processed or come in contact with other mineral compounds or agents during their extraction. The sea salt must also be natural sea salt, unprocessed, usually gray in color, and highly hydroscopic. When exposed to the air it should become hard and solid as it absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment. A health food or natural food store should be able to order it for you if unavailable.

If the salt is white or granular, it has been processed and will not be as useful for the experiment. This is based on the basic alchemical principle that when a crystal is dissolved, its energetic qualities are lost. If it is properly charged sea salt will have strong purification qualities.

Natural products are what are used in this initiatic Path, as they offer the greatest potential of energy storage and release.

Since sea salt and rain water are used on each of the levels, three separate containers of each will be needed. If three sets of products are used for each level, then additional containers will be needed.

Charging the Products

The simplest and easiest manner to charge the products is using the planetary hours and their genius’. This manner takes several repetitions to insure maximum charging, however, it avoids the problem of astrological timing during the year.

If you are unsure what a planetary hour or genius is refer to the Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge course material and look it up. In general however, each day is ruled by a planetary energy as previously described. It is in its purest power for a period of time immediately following sunrise. This period of time is known as an ‘hour’ however it represents a cyclic pulse of energy, and not a sixty minute hour. Depending on the time of year, the ‘hour’ could be as much as an hour and forty-five minutes or as little as forty minutes in terrestrial time.

Consult the course material for information on how to calculate the length of these ‘hours’, or The Philosophers of Nature website for a program download that will do it for you.

First Method: Using Planetary Genius’

On the first planetary hour of Saturn (immediately following sunrise) on the day of Saturn (Saturday) place your objects before you in your oratory. Your oratory should be illumined by a single candle, and no electric lighting. The windows should be covered as well to prevent any light from entering.

For the first quarter of the planetary hour, or between ten and fifteen minutes have your mineral product in front of you. Seek to obtain a empty and receptive state of being. Attune yourself to the energy present, but do not invoke it or attempt to direct it in any manner. Seek only to experience it as it courses though your sanctum, charging the object in front of you.

Then, when sufficient time has passed, place the mineral product in a plastic bag, or wrap it in silk, and place the Water product in front of you. Repeat the process or receptivity. Continue with each of the following Air and Fire products for ten to fifteen minutes each. When all four products have been separately charged, they can be wrapped in the same silk or plastic bag, and stored away.

Once charged they should never be exposed to sun, moon, or electric light, and only handled by the persons or couple charging them.

The process is then repeated on Sunday for the solar products, and Monday for the Lunar product.

It will take two to three months for a sufficient charge to build in each of the products. If you are charging three sets for each level, then they can be charged simultaneously. Once a product is used, it must not come in contact with charged products or it will draw off their energy.

Second Method: Zodiacal Configurations

Following the same method of passive charging, the products can also be loaded during astrologically favorable times of the year. This method has the advantage that it charges more quickly, but the disadvantage that it takes an entire year to do it, and if a cycle is missed, so is the opportunity for charging for that year.

Saturn product are charged after the winter solstice, around January 10th.

Solar products are charged thirty minutes after sunrise, with the moon under the horizon, forty days before or after the Winter Solstice. Solar products should not be loaded during the above mentioned time frame as the Air and Fire Elements are weak.

Lunar products are charged when the moon is above the horizon and within three day before or after the day between the head and the tail of the dragon. The sun must be under the horizon however.

Times to Avoid

The period of two weeks prior to an following the Winter Solstice is to be avoided for all Alchemical, Qabalistic work, or the charging of these products. Thus, we stock energies via astrology or planetary genius’ when the energies are strong and easily available.

The Technique of Experiencing Eternity

The period of two prior too and following the Summer Solstice is the best time to attempt a "Contact with Eternity". Thus, as stated, several attempts can be made, so long as several sets of charged products have been prepared. The attempted contact can be made without such preparations, however, its effects may be more strongly felt, and period of weakness experienced for several weeks if the contact is successful and the supporting materials are not used.

On Friday Night, prior to the chosen Saturday, at midnight, light a candle in your oratory and contemplate your desire for a "Contact with Eternity".

On Saturday at sunrise, unwrap your Saturn products and place them in front of you. You may ingest the tincture is your desire, or dissolve a bit of the herb in water an drink it. Put a bit if the sea salt on your tongue and rinse it down with the filtered rain water. You may even place a little of the salt in the water and put a drop or two on your forehead, as this is aimed at stimulating the true inner baptism. Be passive and receptive to the energies of the moment. If a strong shock or sudden uneasiness should overcome you, then wrap your products and end the session.

The feeling of uneasiness may come within a few days after the attempted contact, or a strong depression may be felt. If so, then the contact was established.

If several sets are being used, be sure to keep the discharged products away from the unused ones.

On Sunday about a half hour after sunrise, with the sun above the horizon, light your candle and repeat the process with the Solar products. A cardiac response may be felt, along with a terrific love, even unto weeping, for humanity.

On Monday, the same pattern is repeated using the Lunar products. A strong intuition, memory, or knowledge may occur.

On the week following the contact, if it is successful, each of the days following offers unique opportunities: Mars gives strength to replace what was lost; Wednesday occult knowledge, of a more technical nature; Thursday give wisdom of occult and religious organizations and philosophies; Friday assists in transferring the love of the heart to the world, and knowledge of the Seven Secondary Principles.

The contact can be attempted one week before and after the Summer Solstice, for a total of three contact periods offering maximum opportunity for success.

However, this is just a guideline, some have experienced the "Contact with Eternity" spontaneously as directed by their Inner Master. All we do is prepare ourselves, and present ourselves for initiation when the energies are most favorable. Several attempts may be needed for the contact to be successful, but once it has been, we can as Sendovious the Pole wrote, "Burn all your books, including this one!"