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The Hermetic Musaeum

  1. Jean de Meung - The Remonstrances of Nature
  2. The Twelve Keys of Basil Valentine [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  3. Michael Maier's Subtle Allegory. [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  4. Three Treatise of Philalethes [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  5. The Book of Alze [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  6. Open Entrance to the Closed Palace - Philalethes [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  7. A Tract of Great Price [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  8. The Only True Way [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  9. The Testament of Cremer [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  10. The Glory of the World [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
  11. The Waterstone of the Wise
  12. The Golden Tract concerning the Philosophers Stone [transcribed by Jerry Bujas]

If you have problems understanding these alchemical texts, Adam McLean now provides a study course entitled How to read alchemical texts : a guide for the perplexed.
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