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John French - The Art of Distillation

The Art of Distillation. Or, A Treatise of the Choicest Spagyrical Preparations Performed by Way oŁ Distillation, Being Partly Taken Out of the Most Select Chemical Authors of the Diverse I,anguages and Partly Out of the Author's Manual Experience together with, The Description of the Chiefest Furnaces and Vessels Used by Ancient and Modern Chemists also A Discourse on Diverse Spagyrical Experiments and Curiosities, and of the Anatomy of Gold and Silver, with The Chiefest Preparations and Curiosities Thereof, and Virtues of Them All. All Which Are Contained In Six Books Composed By John French, Dr. of Physick
London. Printed by Richard Cotes and are to sold by Thomas Williams at the Bible in Little-Britain without Aldersgate, 1651.

The Epistle Dedicatory
Art of Distillation - Book I What distillation is and the kinds thereof
Art of Distillation - Book II Of compound waters and spirits
Art of Distillation - Book III Of minerals
Art of Distillation - Book IV Of animals
Art of Distillation - Book V A miscellany of spagyrical experiments
Art of Distillation - Book VI The spagyrical anatomy of gold and silver [under construction]

42 woodcuts of alchemical apparatus in the text
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