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Database of alchemical iconology in printed books

This is a provisional database of alchemical iconology in printed books. I have researched over 1020 books containing woodcuts or engravings. This online database of the iconography includes a description of the images and in most cases a small picture for reference purposes. The primary source for this database is a series of folders I hold here in Glasgow, which have my written research on over 500 books. This online database initially only has 55 entries, as it takes an enormous amount of time to scan in the images and set up the html pages for the web site. New pages will be added as the work proceeds. As I have no support for this work I can only find an hour or so a week to do this.

The pictures are small size in order to save disc space and to save my costs, but they provide a reference for identification purposes. I cannot provide printing quality images on the web site. If you require printing quality images then you will have to contact one of the specialist libraries - Glasgow University, Wisconsin, or the British Libary - and ask them to make microfilms or photographs for you. This is expensive and my lack of funds means that I cannot immediately afford to have many photographs made.

I would welcome any assistance with developing this project further. If I could raise some funding I might be able to issue this as a CD-Rom.

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