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Naturo-Spagyric or the medicine of PARACELSUS


A natural therapy which puts the accent on the vital principle, Spagyry offers itself to the inquisitive as a precious help for those who make the effort to accept the principles necessary to maintain or acquire an excellent health with an energy that can cope with all trials.

It raises again a considerable interest for contemporary medical science because it joins the natural substance of an origin vegetable or mineral, a very harmonious treatment with a view to elaboration of vitalised medications.

Not a single synthesis of chemistry can produce such medical preparations. Only a technology adapted to the exigencies of Nature allows us to obtain dynamic products with unbeatable therapeutic value.

Not well known because often it is not understood this process of elaboration has never the less crossed many centuries before it came to us.

So we can again put into practice in our day, the procedures that have come from the depths of time, as they have become, thanks to modern technology, susceptible to improvements and various adaptations.

At a time when we think as much of "energy" medicine as holistic medicine, contemplating man in his global dimension, where one is concerned with the prevention of illnesses and their healing by using personalized therapies, it is even more necessary to be deliberately orientated towards the healthy and natural Spagyric Medicine which offers the prospect of a perfectly balanced organism thanks to a constantly adapted remineralizing therapy.


It is a nutritional supplement made up of vegetable and mineral components, that have been separated into their elementary principles (according to the tradition: Salt, Sulphur and Mercury) purified, then combined to a more subtle level and in accordance with the laws that come from the conception of alchemy.

This means that a spagyric preparation is a synergy (a mixture of products that mutually complete and reinforce each others actions) of plants having reached a quality of perfection thanks to the various operations of transformation undergone by each component.

This elaborate spagyric method was defined by a doctor of the 16th century: Theophrastus Paracelsus (1493-1541) who stated the principles of fabrication and application in relation to the famous doctrine of signatures: "the stars are healed by the stars".

In conclusion it produces totally natural products destined to regenerate the organism by using a specific energy, the most subtile and most efficient that can exist, to which is added the presence of trace minerals, precious oligo-elements so necessary for our metabolism, as it has been shown in our day.